Maintaining Online Privacy by Improving Personal Facebook Security

Facebook has quickly become a part of everyday life, and millions of people post personal information through the social media website on a daily basis. While posts and messages may seem harmless, identity thieves have become savvy in the art of extrapolating personal data from the details found in posts and private messages. Here are some guidelines to follow when seeking to maintain personal information privacy.

Keep Sharing to a Minimum

Companies that are trying to collect analytical information related to their customers and consumers as a whole often post on social media in an attempt to get users to share these posts. While it may be tempting to share an interesting article or a funny picture that originated from one of these companies, doing so will compromise online privacy.

Sharing posts originating from companies is only one way that these companies collect data. Mentioning the companies will also single out users, and the users do not even have to use hashtags in order for their mention of a product, service or brand to be used for analytical purposes.

Limit Profile Information

Facebook gives users the opportunity to include familial connections, hometown and even home address through the user profile feature. Many users feel that this information is secure because it is only shared with their friends, but connections that include acquaintances and privacy settings that may allow friends of friends to access this information can compromise security.

The best way to forgo this security risk is by leaving person information off of a Facebook profile. People who need to know about past employers, the address of the user or a home phone number can ask the user directly. However, it is also important to ensure secure communications before sharing personal information through Facebook Messenger.

Be Wary of Messaging

Facebook Messenger has some strong points when it comes to controlling access to a user, but there are security concerns that should not be overlooked. Users are given the opportunity to accept messages only from people on their friends list, and Facebook users can block other users completely if they would like to keep certain users from sending them messages.

However, the fact that Facebook keeps a full log of a conversation between two or more users means that ongoing security issues are present. If the security of an archived conversation was compromised, users may be susceptible to spam, scams and security threats. A secure messaging option is recommended to eliminate these security threats.

Maintain Secure Communication with NetLok

Personal information privacy has become more difficult to maintain since the advent of Facebook and other social media websites. Many social media users leave themselves susceptible to security breaches without being aware of the problem. Finding a way to maintain secure communication while using social media is essential to the ongoing security of personal data.

NetLok utilizes a unique login system that requires users to enter their email address, upload a NetLok photo and answer a math problem in order to access their accounts. The login system is easier than remembering passwords, but it also provides more security than the traditional combination of a username and password.

The NetLokr feature provided by NetLok offers a secure way for users to share photos and files with others without having to worry about the security risks posed by social media. Chatting is also a feature of NetLokr, and only authorized users who have been approved by the user can communicate with the individual.

Online security in the Facebook Age is difficult, but being proactive about personal information privacy can help protect users. Communicating through NetLok helps to eliminate the risks of chatting and sharing information online.