Why The Ashley Madison Breach Should Concern You

Ashley Madison is a dating website designed to help married individuals secretly cheat on their spouses. The website's slogan is, "Life is Short. Have an affair." The company recently announced that its website has been hacked, and the hackers are threatening to expose the information that has been collected on millions of Ashley Madison's customers. Regardless of how you feel about the objective of this website, the Ashley Madison breach should be of concern to anyone with information on the Internet.

What is the Ashley Madison Breach?

When hackers broke into the Ashley Madison website, they were able to access various personal user information about the online company's clients. This information includes user profiles detailing customers' sexual preferences, fantasies, real names, addresses, and credit card transactions. Employee documents and emails were obtained also. The hackers, who refer to themselves as the “Impact Team,” have threatened to release all of this information to the public unless Ashley Madison permanently shuts down its website. Avid Life Media, which is the parent company of Ashley Madison, has reported that security measures have been taken and all unauthorized access points have been closed. However, this doesn't change the fact that the hackers still have this information and are threatening to expose it. As of yet, it doesn't appear that the customers on the website have been revealed, but this could change at any time.

Why Should the Ashley Madison Hack Concern You?

Even if you are not a customer of Ashley Madison or have never even visited their website, this security breach should be of great concern to anyone with personal information on the Internet. If hackers can get into Ashley Madison's system and gather private information about their clients, what is preventing them from breaking into other websites to steal the same kind of information? Every time you log on to a website where you have personal information stored, you run the risk of hackers obtaining that information. This kind of security breach can lead to serious issues. In some cases, identity theft and stolen credit cards numbers can even be the result.

Ensure Secure Communication with NetLok

As dating and other social media websites continue to overflow the Internet, personal privacy information becomes harder and harder to secure. Many users are not even aware of the potential security breaches they leave themselves susceptible to each time they log in to one of these websites and enter private information. Finding a method of secure communication and log in procedures while on social media is of vital importance.

NetLok uses a unique log in system that is not only easier than recalling passwords, but also provides a level of security that exceeds the traditional form of entering a user name and password. NetLok requires users to enter an email address, upload a selected photo, and provide the answer to a specific math problem before access to the user's account is granted.

Additional Features of NetLok

NetLok offers customers an additional storage area referred to as NetLokr. The NetLokr feature offers customers a secure method of sharing files and photos without having to be concerned about security risks on social media websites. Users are also able to freely and securely chat online without risk. Only users who have been authorized by NetLok and approved by the user can communicate and chat with the individual. NetLok secure messaging assures your personal information is kept private. NetLokr lets you share photos and documents, write notes, create security groups, and take part in private conversations.

Online security on dating and other social media websites can be difficult. However, maintaining awareness of online safety and security measures and proactively addressing security concerns greatly helps protect users against security breaches and the possibility of stolen identities or exposed private information.