Russian Hackers Attach Pentagon

In early August, news sources across the globe reported that Russian hackers had targeted and compromised unclassified email systems in the Pentagon. The attack affected more than 4,000 civilian and military personnel. Official spokespersons for the Pentagon were unsure if the attack had been sanctioned by the Russian government or if it was planned by a group of individuals. However, some sources said that the scope of the attack indicated state involvement in their opinions.

This cyber attack took place in late July, and it has caused the Pentagon to lock down the affected server until its security can be verified. While this measure was taken to isolate the damage, security teams will continue investigating the damage thoroughly. They hope to be able to provide an in-depth analysis of the overall severity and effects, and they also hope to be able to understand the purpose of the attack. Security experts know that the speed of their ability to perform a quick response and address important issues is the best defense.

Hackers were able to seize large amounts of data that was automatically shared between thousands of government Internet sites. The attackers obtained enough information in just a matter of minutes to incapacitate an email system for weeks. Officials do not yet know what the ramifications of the hack will be. They said that more attacks are inevitable when sensitive information and credentials are stolen.

This is not the first time for Russian hackers targeting the United States government. In 2014, they were able to access the unclassified email system of the White House in a similarly structured attack. That attack allowed hackers to view President Obama's personal emails with sensitive information. Some of the emails included those to diplomats, heads of state and ambassadors.

Officials at the Pentagon said that cyber security is a common topic but should not be a repeat concern to discuss on a weekly basis. The security experts and officials both understand that the Internet is the new front line of attack and defense. A spokesperson said that a lack of preparedness on the government's side will only result in more stories of a similar nature topping the news headlines. All officials and security experts said that threats to national security are their top concern. Their goal is to collaborate and try to find more effective solutions for maintaining and continually improving the country's cyber security based on the latest trends and technologies.

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