Dropbox Password Leak

Dropbox is a famous cloud storage service that many people across the world prefer using. However, this storage service has had various security challenges such as giving unauthorized persons access to Dropbox accounts through leaked passwords. If you use the Dropbox service, you should mind the security of your passwords, protecting them from the massive data leaks being experienced today.

It is evident that millions of passwords have leaked to Dropbox accounts in the current security breach. As though this is not enough, hackers threaten to release millions more in exchange for Bitcoins. Most hackers use third-party services authorized by account owners to access presumably safe passwords and logins and leak them out to different sites such as Pastebin.

Some hackers further threaten that they have obtained more than 6.9 million Dropbox account details that include videos, photos, and other important files, which they would leak in exchange for Bitcoins. Hackers can steal passwords and usernames from other services authenticated on mobile devices and third-part websites and use them to login in different Dropbox accounts. For this reason, you need to secure your private data properly to avoid the leak. We recommend changing passwords frequently, not using the same password on different sites and using a more secure cloud storage service for saving your important and private documents. It is important to always keep the following security tips in mind:

  • Learn to always use unique passwords that may not be easy for anyone to guess. Although the use of unique passwords may not prevent leaks, it minimizes the damage that occurs when your password leaks. You can use a competent and trustworthy password manager to make password protection safer.
  • Be sensitive enough to change your password immediately when you hear password leak rumors going around. This is important because, you may not know the users who are experiencing such a problem at the moment because you could also be a victim. If you suspect the password you use is weak or old, it is advisable to change it and don't delay. Changing your password details often prevents your confidential data from being exposed.
  • You should be sensitive about the security-awareness that the cloud providers who serve you use. It is possible for your password to leak not because of a faulty Dropbox, but through the service providers you use. Ensure the service providers have security in mind in all aspects especially if you live in a country where the relevant authorities do not emphasize more on mass surveillance on all websites.
  • Avoid sharing your passwords with other services that connect to Dropbox. The danger of sharing your passwords with other services is that they may unintentionally leak and expose your confidential data to unauthorized persons. Before you enter your password from one service to another, you should find out if the company providing this service will protect the data they obtain. You need to know if the company is prudent enough to protect and secure your password adequately. If you replicate your password to various sites, you will increase the chances of it leaking out. You should only replicate your password once you are sure the place you store is completely safe and trustworthy.
  • Stop reusing passwords. This may sound obvious, but many Dropbox users unknowingly allowed hackers to compromise their accounts by reusing passwords that have leaked already. You should not use the same password for your Dropbox account particularly if you used it before in other services.

You need to know that malicious people keep a record of all leaked passwords and email usernames from popular websites and try them later on other websites to access different accounts from different users. Although you may use some online platforms to check if your password has ever been leaked, you should not be careless enough to reuse your password, especially in popular websites.