How NetLok™ Keeps You Safe

The infamous Sony Hack last year crippled a giant movie corporation inside out. The whole world focused its attention on Sony as huge piles of data containing sensitive information were released to the public domain for everyone to see. The top executives were attacked where their social security codes were shared illegally. Sony's future secret movie projects were revealed. Even Amy Pascal, the co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment came under the limelight unwillingly as her private e-mails were leaked. This was an incident that proved that our nightmares can sometimes become real.

However, this is just one event that was singled out due to the huge publicity. If you thought that this would not happen to us because we are ordinary Joe's, you would be wrong. There are millions of cases where people - no matter what they do as professionals- are being victimised because of their vulnerability in the cyber world. Earlier, information would take time to reach other places and people would have more control in channeling it. However, the vast online network today has not only made it easier to spread information really fast, but also made it more difficult for people to keep their identity secure.

No matter where you are, the moment you log in to the network, your ISP will be registered. This is your user identity code that is unique. By pinpointing your ISP source, anyone can track you and find out where you stay. And with all search engines being customized even further to enhance user experience, it gets easier to figure out your likes and dislikes, your profession and day to day activities based on your recent keyword searches. Also, most of us now buy things we need online. This basically means that our credit cards etc are already linked to our accounts, and such private information is already a part of this system we call the internet. To be honest, it is possible for anyone who targets you to find out more about your bank account number and your social security code which they can use to their benefit.

However, a lot of us helpless folks get the short end of the stick simply because we do not take ample precautions. You can minimize risks by being extra careful. Some of the steps below can help.

  • Never store your credit card details in any of your accounts you have on e-commerce sites. It is easier to simply check out without having to fill in the credit card details every time you want to buy something, but this means that your payment information is already available for any hacker who gains access into your account too.
  • Set up more complicated passwords. A lot of hackers use the method called brute force attack where they run algorithms to try figuring out different passwords. Based on this series of permutations and combinations, they finally chance upon the password you may have used. This is why it is advised that you choose a password that is strong and does not contain any pattern.
  • Use NetLok™. NetLok™ has been developed by Tony Perez who is a cyber-security expert. He is genuinely concerned about how unauthorized users could use the Internet to gain illegal access to our private information and then use it against us. Tony Perez stated that very few people actually bother with setting up complicated passwords. Also, if you own a Company, chances are that you will have a lot of email accounts and websites for which you may have listed your passwords in a separate file. If your computer gets hacked, all these passwords will be compromised. Even if you write them down on a separate sheet, you may risk losing it one day. So what NetLok™ has decided to do is substitute passwords with pictures.

NetLok™ uses two components to ensure that your accounts are safe. Firstly, it's service NetLokr™, acts as a cloud where you can store all your data without compromising it. So in case your phones, iPads or laptops are stolen, your data will still stay safe. Secondly, NetLokr™ can be accessed only through NetLok™, the gateway that you (as the user) have created. This way, you can keep all your private online conversations and interactions safe on NetLok™ too.

Think of the cloud as a room where you store all your private information. First of all, you have a door that only you can open and no one else can. In fact NetLok™ has had multiple professional hackers who tried opening the door but failed. And secondly, the room cannot be accessed through any other way. It is like a vault that is hard to crack open.

The main difference between NetLok™ and other cyber security measures is that it uses encrypted photos which are incredibly difficult to crack when compared to traditional passwords. So you could easily upload a photo which hackers cannot steal. This has proven to be quite effective because encrypted photos (instead of written words) have infinite combinations, which makes hacking a nearly impossible feat. NetLok™'s aggressive monitoring alerts you immediately if your account is under attack and blocks known hackers from even attempting access to the system.

Staying safe online is absolutely essential if you do not want to deal with the hassles and problems of identity theft. It is very important to guard all your private emails and data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Smart networking has its own benefits, so you should make an effort to know the latest cyber security measures you can use to keep yourself safe.