Recent Breach Sheds Light on Importance of Information Security

The latest attack on Federal employee records was used to steal sensitive forms pertaining to security clearances of federal employees. These forms contained personal and sensitive information of applicants, and could even compromise the ability of federal agents to maintain cover while collecting intelligence.

According to officials, the hack could reveal the identities of every person who has received a security clearance in the United States. These forms could also provide information from various background checks about mental health, family and finances of workers.

It's worth mentioning that the security breach was discovered when the Government noticed a previous attack. In the earlier attack, the Government compromised data of more than 4 million former and current federal employees. This information included social security numbers, driver's licenses, home addresses, names of relatives, banking and other sensitive data.

Most union workers believe that the attack was more extensive, and the breach could lead to worse repercussions. Due to the recent attack, the Administration now understands the importance of information and cyber security, and it plans to strengthen security measures taken to prevent future attacks.

There are many consumers and businesses who still don't realize the importance of cyber security. In modern times, you should not take cyber security casually. It's a serious and broad spectrum subject. In the last few years, cyber attacks have dramatically increased in scope and damage. In fact, they have also become more advanced and sophisticated. Americans need to stay protected and well informed, focusing on current antivirus, anti-spyware, security firewalls and encryption standards to keep your vital data and systems secure.