NetLok™ Refund Policy

Effective March 12, 2016

NetLok's refund policy is simple: If you decide to discontinue with the NetLok™ solution, drop us an email at [email protected] or call us directly at 805-283-4100.  We will take care of your request within the bounds outlined below.

1) If you were recently charged for your next month of NetLok™ and you meant to cancel, we're happy to refund the last monthly charge as long as you make your request by email or phone no later than ten business days after the monthly charge.

2) If your request is longer than 10 business days after the monthly charge, your account will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

3)  If you accidentally processed two or more transactions, notify us immediately and your refund will be processed in 24 hours.

If you cancel your NetLok™ Account for the reasons above, NetLok™ will give you the choice to either destroy your data and information immediately upon termination or you can choose to have NetLok™ retain your data and information in a secured storage location for up to 30 days, at no charge.  This option is available in case you change your mind and want to restore your account.  If, at the end of 30 days, you have not reactivated your account, the data, information and messages will be permanently deleted from the NetLok systems.  Once deleted, NetLok will not be able to recover any file, data and/or information.  We do not have a backdoor or means of recovery of any permanently deleted files, information and data.

Please note that NetLok™ we will not provide refunds or monetary adjustments resulting from a suspension of service arising from our addressing security concerns. A core component of the NetLok system is very tight security, and we are constantly monitoring for cyber attacks.  In the event of external threats identified by NetLok™, we reserve the right to suspend accounts as determined in our reasonable discretion and will notify you as soon as possible when and if it affects your account.

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