Netlok was born out of a conversation between a father and daughter.  The daughter posted a photo of her dad online that he neither wanted posted, nor gave permission to do so.  She insisted that the Internet was made for connection – not to be private – and that started a debate about privacy that propelled the father forward to learn more about privacy on the Internet.  His research yielded an astonishing result: while 80% of kids and parents hide information from each other in their personal lives and while spouses hide 20% of information from each other, few companies were servicing this need for online privacy.

He continued his research and found – and security experts validate – that if you’re going to be on the Internet, the biggest vulnerability point is through the password system. If you solve that problem, you have the best chance of gaining privacy.  He wondered if you could replace a traditional password with a photo because photographs are much easier to remember and, in most cases, they evoke positive emotions. He began talking with software engineers familiar with imaging and how to hide information inside of them.  The concept of concealing messages inside of pictures has been around since Roman times (called steganography) so it wasn’t a leap to believe that you could do this in the digital world.

Once he discovered that the traditional password could be replaced by a simple photo, he realized that this solution could solve numerous online security problems:  from basic online authentication to the protection of documents, messaging and even crypto-wallets, or decentralized currency transactions.

In 2014, Tony Perez – that father – formed Netlok, a different kind of cyber-security company that provides simple, unique and highly secure solutions for online privacy, creating peace of mind for individuals, business professionals and large organizations and government entities.  Since the Sony hacking incident in 2014, the rate of cyber attacks has risen dramatically and become one of the top issues for C-suite executives, boards of directors, governments, celebrities and a host of other groups and individuals with much to lose.

Despite the plethora of cyber-security offerings that promise secure solutions, Netlok stands out for its unique way of thinking and its proprietary system:

  • We think differently: Netlok’s philosophical approach is based on thinking like a hacker in order to stay ahead of online threats.  The key is taking a proactive approach, rather than a reactive or defensive stance.
  • Our products are different:  Netlok protects a user’s privacy by replacing traditional passwords with a proprietary photo authentication system.

Netlok solutions are for people who want or need online privacy and security.

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