Real Security. Real Simple.
Discover powerful online security, simplicity and affordability with NetLok. You can rest at ease knowing your family, your private group of friends, and you are protected from devastating cyber attacks.

NetLok™ Family Plans

NetLok Family Plan (minimum 3 members) at $9/member/month

The NetLok Family Plan is a discounted, small group program that works like other small group plans (e.g. cell phone plan). The Owner creates the Family account online and receives three NetLokr accounts for $9/member/month for a total monthly cost of $27. The Owner decides whom to invite as authorized members (family, friends, etc.) and can add more members for the same $9 per member per month, as necessary.

Each group member receives and manages their private NetLokr, which gives them the ability to store 20GB of documents, files, pictures, etc.; create their private address book with a history of shared documents and messages, set secure notifications to know who is contacting them by email or text, select five levels of security photos, and select a personal icon to personalize their communications.


NetLok™ Personal Plans

NetLok Personal Plan at $10/month

NetLok Personal is an individual privacy plan for $10 per month. With this plan, you don't have to risk identity theft or a hacker capturing your computer and holding your most important information up for ransom since it can be securely stored in your NetLokr. Many professionals, family members, and individuals desire this personal control over their private information.

Your NetLokr includes 20GB of storage for files, pictures, etc., a private address book with the history of shared documents and messages, notifications to know who is contacting you by email or text, five levels of security photos, and your own icon to personalize your communications.