Photolok Login —
Worth a 1000 Passwords

• Simple to use.
• Cost effective.
• Advanced security.
How It Works

Photolok Protects Your Privacy

Unique Attack Protection

AI ML Defense
Lateral Defense

Prevents artificial intelligence and machine learning attacks.
Prevents lateral penetrations.

User Security Options

Duress Photo
1 Time Use Photo
Device Authorization

A visual silent alarm to protect compromised accounts and forced entry.
Prevents shoulder surfing and enhances remote security.
Choice to use authenticator instead of SMS text for added protection.
Choice to limit device and browser combination use.

Integrations and Customizations

Seamless Integration

Okta Workforce Compatibility: Photolok is available as an MFA IdP for Okta Workforce accounts.

Multi Domain Support: Netlok can integrate Photolok for single or multi tenant use, accommodating diverse business structures.

Second Factor Security: Enhance protection by integration Photolok as a second factor to prevent compromised biometrics like facial recognition from granting access.

OAuth 2.0 and Open IC Connect: Existing Open ID Connect users can effortlessly integrate Photolok using current apps and APIs.

Personalized Branding

Custom Photo Library: Allow Netlok to customize your photo library with customer supplied images, reflecting your brand’s personality.

Simplifying the Client Login Journey

Ease of Use

Photos are easy to remember, select, and replace for a user friendly experience.

Frictionless Navigation

Point and click with autosave — simplifying the use of Duress and 1–Time Use security photos.

Universal Adoption

Photos simplify adoption across diverse user groups, eliminating language and literacy barriers.

Personalized Security

Choose from thousands of photos to enhance personal security and privacy.

Frictionless, Passwordless MFA IdP

Enter your email, access code, click your photos … And you’re in

Revolutionize Your Security With Photolok